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Premier Circle

Becoming a WITF Premier Circle donor makes you part of a select group of leadership donors whose understanding of the value of WITF extends beyond the TV screen or airwaves. Through their annual leadership support of $1,200 or more, Premier Circle members share the value of connecting our region through education, culture and civic discourse and play a vital role in keeping the vision of quality programming and community service alive at WITF .

The support of Premier Circle donors enables WITF to provide exceptional educational and cultural programs that touch, inspire and entertain one million people in our region each year. Together we make a difference!

Premier Circle donation methods

Join the Premier Circle now with a gift or pledge of $1,200 or more. Simply complete the online donation form or mail a check to: Premier Circle, WITF, 4801 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111.

Make your gift in full, or have us arrange for installments to be directly debited from your bank account or credit card. Simply complete the online donation form or mail a check to: Premier Circle, WITF, 4801 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111.

You may also make your gift by transferring stock, mutual funds or a distribution from your IRA.  Please remember that to achieve the maximum amount of tax savings, you should have your advisor transfer the funds directly to WITF.  Please call or e-mail WITF to tell us of your intent to donate through a gift of stock, mutual funds or with an IRA charitable distribution, so we can properly credit your gift and assist you with the details of the transfer.  Contact the WITF Gift Officers at or (717) 910-2886.

Become a Premier Circle Day Sponsor with a gift of $3,000 or more and honor a loved one or recognize a special occasion or milestone. Click here to learn more about Day Sponsorships , or contact the WITF Gift Officers for more information at or (717) 910-2886.

Premier Circle celebration

Each Fall, WITF invites members of its Premier Circle to come to the Public Media Center for an evening of appreciation and celebration with a featured speaker. Past keynote speakers for this event have included NPR White House Correspondent Tamara Keith, NPR Correspondent Melissa Block, Host of NPR’s 1A Joshua Johnson, and PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger.

WITF’s Premier donors also receive The President’s View newsletter, a quarterly update from President Ron Hetrick.