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Trusting News

Trusting News
WITF’s News Department: (back row L to R) Craig Rhodes, Emily Previti, Tim Lambert, Scott LaMar, Marie Cusick, Cara Fry
(front row L to R) Brett Sholtis, Rachel McDevitt, Katie Meyer, Joe Ulrich

With information overwhelming social media users, it’s important for media organizations to ensure their listeners/viewers/readers can trust their reporting. Questions like, “How do people decide what news is trustworthy?” or “How can journalists influence what users consume and share?” have come up repeatedly at public forums that WITF journalists have been a part of over the last several months.

To help answer those questions, WITF is taking part in the Trusting News project – an effort to create strategies designed to demonstrate the credibility and trustworthiness of journalism. For the next four months, we’ll be taking steps to explain to you our editorial process, demonstrate our approach to ensure our stories are balanced, be as accessible and responsive as possible, describe our ethics and funding and show how we are distinct from other media organizations. We’ll be tracking our progress and your responses and sharing them with other participating stations and the Trusting News team.

The days of journalism’s one-way street of simply producing stories for the public have long been over. Now, it’s time to find better ways to interact with you and ensure we meet your high standards of what a credible media organization should be.

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