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Pennsylvania’s new Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson, MD

Also on the program: House Divided Project explores the struggle for freedom in the US

By Scott LaMar

Luzerne County elections official: GOP ballots mislabeled as Democratic on screens

Luzerne County elections director Bob Morgan said the device has been thoroughly tested and the error “appears on the screen only.”

By The Associated Press

Nationally watched questions on pandemic, race on Pa. ballot

Republican lawmakers across the country are rolling back the emergency powers that governors wielded during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Pennsylvania is in the unique position of being the first to take the question to voters.

By The Associated Press

Fight over coronavirus orders, high court seat lead primary ballot in Pennsylvania

It is the first vote of its kind since the coronavirus outbreak, as Republicans in nearly every state have sought to roll back a governor’s authority during disaster emergencies.

By The Associated Press

‘We don’t want chaos in 2022’: Pa. battle over new congressional map stalled over data lag

It’s one of the biggest, most contentious responsibilities lawmakers have, involving a lot of high-stakes negotiation.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Daniel Goes on a Family Trip

By Fred Vigeant