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Keira McGuire

Keira McGuire is a health reporter and multimedia producer for WITF. She hosts and produces Transforming Health television programs as well as other shows and documentaries for WITF’s Original Productions. McGuire produced the Emmy Award winning series HealthSmart for the last ten years. Keira previously worked at WBFF in Baltimore and WMDT in Salisbury as a reporter and anchor. She’s a graduate of Towson University.

Latest by Keira McGuire

Ev’s Story

“One more moment for me … can mean only one more moment until everything isn’t so dark anymore.”
-Ev Reheard
Suicide Attempt Survivor

By Keira McGuire

Andrea’s Story

“There are days here and there where I want to just crawl in my hole and be left alone. But I know there’s a reason to come out of that hole.”
-Andrea Sloan
Lost a Loved One to Suicide

By Keira McGuire

Kay’s Story

“The more that we share our stories, then the more people feel safe to share their stories, to open up, to get the help that they need.”
-Kay Bella
Suicide Attempt Survivor

By Keira McGuire

Mental Health After a Pandemic

Some have called the COVID-19 pandemic an equalizer or a shared experience, in that every single one of us has been impacted. We have all experienced a degree of fear, isolation or worry. What remains to be seen is how these feelings will impact our mental health.

On “Transforming Health: Mental Health After a Pandemic” we’ll hear from individuals who already had mental health concerns and then had to navigate through a pandemic. They’ll share their tips for others. Plus, why some feel connection and a sense of belonging will be the key to moving forward.

By Keira McGuire