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The 2018 Central PA Spelling Bee is Almost Here!

WITF Spelling Bee

Have you heard the buzz?  The WITF Central PA Spelling Bee is almost here.  On Saturday, February 24th, 34 students will compete for the title of king or queen bee!  Out of about 197 qualifying students from 66 schools, these 34 students scored the highest on a 100-word written test which consisted of 50 spelling words and 50 vocabulary words.

Thirteen students are returning to the WITF Central PA Spelling Bee including last year’s champion, Ria Sai.

Who will be the next champion?  You’ll have to watch to find out! 

The WITF Central PA Spelling Bee will air on February 25th at 6pm, March 2nd at 1pm and March 4th at 9am.

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