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Learning in Your Community

WITF, along with our neighborhood partners, support children and families learning in the community.

Ready Set Go Kindergarten!

Ready, Set, Go Kindergarten

WITF recognizes that transitions can be tricky. To help support families and children in the transition from preschool to kindergarten, WITF has partnered with community agencies and sponsors to create Ready Set Go Kindergarten!

Ready Set Go Kindergarten and Friends

Join us to celebrate all our friends at Ready Set Go Kindergarten and Friends at the Cumberland Drive-In Theatre!

Ready Set Explore

Ready, Set, Explore

Each spring, the WITF Central PA Spelling Bee invites 4th to 8th grade students from 11 surrounding counties to demonstrate their spelling knowledge as they attempt to make their way to the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

The Path to Kindergarten Starts Here

The Path to Kindergarten Starts Here

Ready or not, about four million children enter kindergarten each year in the United States. Our children’s earliest experiences are important from the moment of their birth to the moment they walk into a Kindergarten classroom. How do we help our children get ready for this really, big step?

Here’s a good place to start.

Back to School Bash

Back to School Bash

WITF’s Back To School Bash is one day celebration of children’s transition from summer back to school.  We know that transitions can be tricky and while some children look forward to heading back into the classroom, some young children can feel anxious and so can their families.

Family Play and Learn

WITF Family Play and Learn is an innovative approach to engaging the community and bringing educational resources to spaces where children may have unstructured free time.